Written by Emily Harstone November 2nd, 2023

Ylva Publishing: Accepting Manuscripts

Ylva Publishing is the home of lesbian fiction and fiction about women-loving-women, and not surprisingly given the context, they only publish women.  They mainly publish romance genre, but they are open to other genres, including historical fiction, crime, action, mystery, young adult, and erotica.

They state: “We want our books to have a rich diversity and we’re committed to representing authors from a wide variety of backgrounds, both already published and due in the coming year. We actively encourage submissions by authors of color and writers with disabilities. Writers of any religion, nationality, and age are welcome at Ylva.” Which covers a lot of ground, but doesn’t make it clear if they accept work by non-binary writers. I have assumed, because they have not stated otherwise, that they are open to the writing of trans women authors.

Because they are not open to all authors, we are publishing this as a bonus article this week.

They do not disclose any details in terms of royalties, and they do not mention advances. They make it clear that the pressure is placed on the author to self-promote their work. Their covers are mostly mediocre, but fit within genre expectations. You can get a feel for what they most recently published here.

They try to respond to all submissions within 8-12 weeks, and have specific manuscript formatting guidelines you should follow.

You can read their full manuscript submission guidelines here.

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