Written by S. Kalekar February 15th, 2021

20 Poetry Markets Seeking Submissions Now

These 20 magazines publish poetry, and they are open for submissions now. Many also accept other genres, like fiction and nonfiction. Some magazines pay writers, and some of the calls are themed. Also see this list of themed submission calls – a few are for poetry, and deadlines are approaching. Those looking for presses should see this list of poetry manuscript publishers.

Besides these, many other well-regarded literary journals are also open for submissions now, including AGNI, The Georgia Review, The Threepenny Review, Bennington Review, West Branch, and The Gettysburg Review.

Valparasio Poetry Review
They publish new, emerging and well-known poets. They accept poems, book reviews, author interviews and essays about poetry or poetics. Works published in this magazine have received honours or been chosen for inclusion in award anthologies. Send up to five poems. They read work year round. Details here.

Apparition Lit: Chance
­­­­­This speculative fiction and poetry magazine will read work on the ‘Chance’ theme in the second half of February. They want original, unpublished speculative poetry, and the poems must have obvious fantasy or sci-fi elements. They read all kinds of poetry, including traditional forms. Send up to five poems, no more than two pages each. Pay is $30/poem and $0.03/word for fiction. They also run a monthly themed flash fiction challenge. For the ‘Chance’ themed issue, the deadline is 28 February 2021. Details here.

Capsule Stories: Starry Nights; Second Isolation Edition
This print literary magazine launched in 2019. They are reading poetry (send up to five poems), fiction, and nonfiction on two themes: Starry Nights (deadline 15 March 2021), and Second Isolation Edition (deadline 1 May 2021). They have “a penchant for pretty words, an affinity to the melancholy, and an undeniably time-ful aura”. Blog submissions are open year round. Details here

Cōnfingō Magazine
They publish poetry, short fiction, and art from around the world in a print-only magazine, twice a year. Poems (send up to three) should be no longer than 50 lines. They are open now for submissions, and pay £20 per contributor. Details here.

Fourteen Poems
This is a London-based poetry journal of queer poetry, publishing LGBT+ poets three times a year. They read year-round. Send up to five poems. Pay is £25 per poem. For their next issue, the deadline is 22 February 2021. Details here.  

Quaranzine: Social justice/activism
They publish work that is related to social justice or activism in some way. They publish poems, stories, essays, Bandcamp links, visual art, artist talks, performances, instructional videos, comics, and other formats. Pay is $20. The deadline is 28 February 2021. Details here.

Coastal Shelf
Regular submissions are not open currently, but they are open for two contests with cash prizes: The FuPo Poetry Contest is for “funny and poignant” poems under 60 lines, and The Ceiling 200 Contest is for very short fiction or prose poetry under 200 words long. The deadline for both is 5 March 2021, and writers are allowed one fee-free submission for each (see guidelines). Prizes are $250, $100, and $50 for each contest. Details here.

They publish a range of styles and forms, from short lyric poems to prose poems and longer narratives. They publish in winter, spring, and fall. “We are drawn to poems that feel as much as they think”, according to their guidelines. Send 4-6 poems. Pay is $10/poem. Details here.

Josephine Quarterly
This is an online literary magazine celebrating the resilience and voices of underrepresented poets. They publish poetry and art. Send up to five poems, of any length. Pay is $30 per poem or art piece. Details here.

Southword Literary Journal
This is a print literary journal published in spring and autumn by the Muster Literature Centre. They publish poetry and fiction. Send up to four poems. Pay is €40 per poem, and €250 per short story. The deadline is 28 February 2021 for poetry, and 31 March 2021 for fiction. Details here.

Eight Poems
They publish eight poems every month. Their guidelines say, “We love great work that comes from a place of crafted passion.” Send one to two poems per submission. Details here.  

The Blue Route
This is an international literary magazine and they will only accept work by undergraduate students. They publish poetry (send up to three poems), as well as fiction and creative nonfiction. Their guidelines say, “We want good, highly imaginative writing about contemporary life as you see it.” Pay is $25. The deadline is 1 March 2021. Details here.

Shooter Literary Magazine: Escape
They are looking for work on the ‘Escape’ theme and are reading fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Send up to three poems. They pay £5 per poem, £25 per prose piece, and the deadline is 25 April 2021. Details here.
(Moonflake Press is also looking for work on a similar theme – Escapism – and has a later deadline.)

HellBound Books: Beautiful Tragedies 2 – A Dark Poetry Anthology
This is an anti-romance anthology of dark poetry, and they will accept submissions until the anthology is filled. They also have several themed submission fiction calls with various deadlines, including: Madame Gray’s Vault of Gore; Dates from Hell;and Monsters, Monsters, Monsters, Monsters. Details here (scroll down for details of Beautiful Tragedies call).

opia: Metamorphosis
They only publish work by marginalized and underrepresented writers (see here). They’re reading work for their second issue, on the Metamorphosis theme. They accept poetry (send one poem), as well as fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art. The deadline is 28 February 2021. Details here.  

Noctivagant Press
This is a quarterly online fantasy magazine. They publish fantasy of all kinds – in poetry (send up to three poems), fiction, and artwork. No science fiction or fan fiction. Their website says, “Themes we love, but not limited to: trees, magic – both dark and light, portals, dragons, fairies, monsters, hidden worlds, colours, stone circles, myths, legends, enchanted woodlands, mountains, magical plants, the sky and the stars, horror (with fantasy), will-o’-the-wisp, barrows, curses and re-imagined folklore/tales.” Details here.   

Longleaf Review: Dreams
They are open for poetry (up to three poems), fiction, and nonfiction a brief submission period. They want work on “dreams. Haunting, hopeful, strange. Daydreams, nightmares. Realities that feel like dreams, dreams that could almost be reality.” Accepted contributors will get free priority registration for their next Weekend Workshop Intensive. The deadline is 25 February 2021. Details here.

Turbulence & Coffee: Taking Flight
Updated Feb 18th, they are now closed to poetry submissions but are still open for other genres.
They are reading for their first issue, and the theme is ‘Taking Flight’. They want poetry (1-2 written pages), fiction, nonfiction, and art. Pay is $10 for poetry, and $5-15 for other work. The deadline is 31 March 2021. Details here

Eunoia Review
They accept poetry (send up to 10 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. They publish work on a daily basis. Details here.

Beloit Poetry Journal
Their guidelines say, “We’re open to a wide range of forms and styles in contemporary poetry. We’re always watching for new poets, quickened language, and work that offers a fresh purchase on the political or social landscape.” Send up to five poems, or one long poem. The deadline is 28 February 2021, but submissions may close early as they can only accept a limited number of submissions via Submittable each month. They also run two contests which will open later in the year, which have entry fees. Details here.  

Bio: S. Kalekar is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to this magazine. She is the author of 182 Short Fiction Publishers. She can be reached here.


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