Written by Emily Harstone December 8th, 2014

Beau Coup Publishing: Now Accepting Book Submissions

UPDATED: January – Permanently closed their doors in January 2016.

Beau Coup Publishing is primarily an ebook publisher, but they also publish print editions (through CreateSpace). They publish a wide range of books. Although most books they publish are in the romance or erotica genre, they are also interested in work outside of those genres.

They are currently open to romance and erotica, including those containing a sub-genre (IE: paranormal, western). They are also open to mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and books aimed at young/new adults.

Beau Coup publishing is a relatively new company but they have already published some books that ended up on Amazon bestseller lists. They seem to focus more on marketing, in terms of e-books, because of this. However not all their books sell well and it is hard to find out much about the company because they are new and they do not offer that much information about their staff on their website.

They are open to publishing previously self published works and reprinting works previously published by other publishers, as long as you still have all the rights. They try to respond to most submissions within a month.

They are currently seeking books that contain a minimum of 50,000 words. Shorter books are considered if they are part of a series or  if they can be connected to other short work, so that they can be sold as part of a package deal.

They do not publish books that encourage discrimination of any kind. They also do not publish books that have incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality (not including shape shifters), and rape as titillation.

When you submit to them, include the full manuscript. In your email cover letter make sure that your name, pen name, and email address are included. Make sure to specify genre and word count. Manuscript must be 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font. The file format must be .doc or .rtf. They only accept submissions via email.

Beau Coup handles covers, marketing, and some editing, although you are encouraged to have your book proofed by others before submitting or before publication. This is fairly normal request from a publisher of this size. Most larger publishers would not do this, but they would expect the book to be thoroughly edited anyways.

To learn more or to submit, visit their website here.




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