Written by Emily Harstone March 12th, 2015

Blue Tulip Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

UPDATE MAY 2017: They are currently closed to submissions but other major changes including a website that only links to one of the many books they have published has us alarmed. This is not a good sign.

Blue Tulip Publishing is a digital publisher with a number of imprints focused on targeting different readerships. Most of the books they publish are Romance novels but some of their imprints are open to genre fiction without romance.

They are a newer publisher so they have not established much of a track record yet, but they seem to be pretty good at cover design (given the context of the genre).

Their different imprints have very different intended audiences. The Blooming Tulip imprint focuses on publishing sweet romance that you would not be afraid to give to a 13 year old or your grandmother.

Blushing Tulip can describe some sex but is more focused on sensual tension and plot development.

Traveling Tulip focuses on publishing fantasy and time traveling novel. Romance does not need to be in these books.

Young Tulip publishes books for readers between the ages of 5 and 18.

Living Tulip publishes memoirs. The books they publish in this imprint have to be based on real events. They should have a very compelling plot in order to stand out among the crowd.

Broken Tulip is their new adult line of books and the protagonists should be between the ages of 18-23. They must be strongly plot or romance driven.

All manuscripts must be submitted in Palantino font. An odd choice in my opinion.

Include the following information on the first page of the submission file: title of the manuscript, author name, email address, phone number, and word count of completed manuscript.

Make sure you include a three paragraph synopsis of the story. Also make it clear who your target audience is. Include any author information you deem necessary for the publisher to know.

All submissions should be made via email. Your name, the title of your work and the genre should be the subject line of the email.

They try to respond to all manuscripts within six weeks. To get a better idea about the work they have previously published visit their blog.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here.


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