Written by A Guest Author August 11th, 2016

Three Anthologies Seeking Submissions: Science Fiction, Circus, and Superheros

Written by S. Kalekar

The following three print anthologies are all paying markets and they are all seeking submissions on very different topics.

Meerkat Press is accepting submissions for Behind the Mask, a superhero anthology with a twist; they are looking for ordinary, day-to-day issues faced by superheroes – growing up, relationships, growing old, career struggles, parenting. Looking for stories with originality, diversity, and strong character development. Word limit 3k-6k words, the deadline is September 9th, 2016. Pays: .02-.08/word. Details here: http://meerkatpress.com/submissions-open-for-a-superhero-anthology/

Pink Narcissus Press is looking for science fiction (hard or soft) stories featuring a transgender male protagonist for their Brave Boy World: a transman anthology. No erotica, no stories that fetishize trans people. No word count limit. Their website says the call will remain open until the anthology is filled. Pays $100 per story, reprints $50. Details here: http://www.pinknarc.com/submissions.html

Copper Pen Press is looking for submissions for its Freakshow: Freakishly Fascinating Tales of Mystery and Suspense, a short story anthology set in the world of a travelling circus, carnival or freak show. Looking for dark, twisted, unusual mysteries. No splatterpunk, erotica or fantasy. Word limit 2k-7k, deadline October 31, 2016, pays $50 plus a contributor’s copy. Details here: https://copperpenpress.com/freakshow/


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