Written by Ella Peary March 23rd, 2017

Mortar: Now Seeking Submissions

Mortar is a brand new online literary magazine seeking of-the-moment poetry, fiction, and nonfiction spoken from the cultural outskirts. They want to broadcast the voices of women, those who identify as gender-nonconforming, those who are non-heteronormative, and all others who identify with the mortar: the often-unnoticed margins around the big brick. They are looking for new voices that draw attention to the present lived experiences of those who exist on the borderline. They’re especially interested in work that articulates marginalized experiences through new or undefined genres and forms, mortar that constructs our current literary edifice in unexpected new ways.

Right now, Mortar is seeking submissions of poetry, short fiction, short short fiction, and nonfiction for their first issue, to be published online early this summer. Then, they plan to publish four issues online each year.

Mortar aims to showcase each author’s writing with maximum impact, so submitting authors are invited to accompany their submissions with audio or video recordings of their work. And, if submitting authors would like to work with a translator to present their work to a broader audience, Mortar will pair writers with translators upon request.

Mortar accepts submission online, but not via post or email. They accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that authors notify them if their work is published elsewhere. They do not accept previously published work.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Mortar, please visit their website at http://www.mortarmagazine.org/.


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