Written by Emily Harstone April 1st, 2021

Deep Desires Press: Now Seeking Manuscript Submissions

Deep Desires is a press that publishes Romance and Erotic Romance. Deep Desires Press was founded 2016 by a group of authors and editors, including bestselling erotica author Cameron D. James, in addition to editors that have worked on bestselling erotica and erotic romance books. The founders also have substantial self-publishing experience.

As they put it, “At the core of our company, we have two primary objectives. The first is to provide a superior erotic reading experience. The second is to create a community of happy and successful authors, and this includes recognizing and celebrating an author’s success outside of their work with Deep Desires Press.”

For this reason they don’t have restrictive clauses on their contract like many other romance and erotica publishers, like the right of first refusal.

The website is well laid out, with a thorough and helpful FAQ section.

They make it clear that all books they publish will receive full editing, including one round by a developmental editor and another pass by a proofreader. They will promote work on social media and in their newsletter, but most of the promotion is up to the author and when submitting you must include at least two social media links.

The covers for the genre are much better than expected and I like how they really feel different than each other, and many stand out.

You can read their full submission guidelines here. Only submit if you feel like your work is a good fit.

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