Written by Emily Harstone March 2nd, 2023

Dover Publications: Accepting Nonfiction Submissions

Based in New York, Dover Publications was founded in 1941. They publish a wide range of books including fiction but are only open to unsolicited nonfiction submissions. They are not open to submissions of fiction, music, or poetry.

All submissions must be made by post and they only respond to submissions if interested. They cannot return materials to the author.

They do not disclose who their distributor is but I’ve long encountered their work, particularly in art supply stores, gift shops, and stationary stores. My kids own a number of their sticker books.

The nonfiction work they publish covers a wide range of topics, including but in no way limited to spirituality, cooking, mathematics, music and how to books on art, drawing, and crafts. They publish a wide range of nonfiction, and it’s worthwhile to spend time with their catalogue to see if they are the right fit for your work.

You can learn more about their submission guidelines here.


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