Written by Emily Harstone July 13th, 2017

Flash Fiction Magazine: Now Accepting Submissions

Flash Fiction Magazine is an electronic literary journal that only publishes flash fiction. They publish one story on a daily basis. You can read their daily stories here. They also publish flash anthologies on a regular basis. They publish fiction stories between 300 and 1000 words in length. They are a fairly easy market to get into. They publish about 10-15% of the work that is submitted to them. If you are just figuring flash fiction out they are not a bad place to start.

Even though they have such a high acceptance rate for the magazine, which you can read online, their anthology series has an acceptance rate that is probably much lower (although I couldn’t find the details). Each anthology contains 50 pieces of flash fiction by 50 different writers.  They pay 40 US dollars per flash fiction piece selected for the anthology. So if your work is selected for the magazine you will not be paid, but if they like your work so much it is also selected for the anthology, you will be paid. It is an interesting system, with the magazine acting like a filter for the anthology.

They only publish fiction, no poetry, no non fiction, no memoir, although you can feel free to fictionalize your own short non-fiction.

All submissions are through their online submission system. Make sure to read all the guidelines closely before submitting. To see their submission page go here.



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