Written by Emily Harstone

Flux: Now Seeking Young Adult Book Manuscripts

Flux is an imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide that publishes exclusively young adult fiction. Their motto is “Where Young Adult is a Point of View, Not a Reading Level”. Most of the books they publish focus on the older end of the young adult market. They publish edgier, darker stuff than other young adult publishers.  They publish all sub genres of young adult from realistic life stories to sci-fi. They are established, have good distribution, and have published many books that have sold well.

Submitting to them is easy and done via email.

To have Flux consider your book for publication, please provide the following two items:

  • A query letter (in the body of the e-mail) including:
    • A brief 1-2 paragraph plot synopsis
    • A short bio mentioning your previous publications and writing credentials
    • 3-5 comparative books published within the last 5 years with an explanation of how your book both ties into a trend in the Young Adult genre and offers something unique
    • Your e-mail address and phone number
  • The first three chapters of your book in an attached Word document

By reviewing their recent releases it is easy to figure out what kind of work they publish.

It’s also worth nothing that historically there were some complaints about their behaviour that you can see here.

To learn more or to submit, visit their website here.



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