Written by Emily Harstone July 13th, 2023

Flyaway Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Flyaway Books is a children’s book publisher focused only on children’s picture books. The focus of their books is on “diversity, inclusivity, compassion, care for each other, and care for our world”. They are an imprint of Westminster John Knox Press which is part of the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, but many of the books that Flyaway publishes are not faith based, and the ones that they do publish that are faith based are “appropriate for progressive churches, religious schools, and readers who value faith inside and outside of a church setting”.

They have published some really established authors including Katherine Paterson, Kathleen Long Bostrom, and Barbara DiLorenzo, You can get a feel for what the publish by visiting their “Our Story” page. You can also get a feel for what they publish by spending time with their catalog. They have many great book covers.

Their distribution is through Ingram, which is usually not a good sign, as Ingram will distribute books of any kind, but they work directly with the Two Rivers division, which you can learn about here. Two Rivers only distributes work by select publishers, although not all of them are legitimate traditional publishers, most are.

If you are submitting to them, please only submit via email. Send your complete manuscript within the body of an email.  They ask that you ” do not send a file attachment, a partial manuscript, or a query without a manuscript. You may submit more than one manuscript at a time if each is sent in a separate email.”

Please read and follow their submission guidelines carefully, and only submit your work to them, if you think it is a good fit. They respond to submissions within six weeks if they are interested. Otherwise assume rejection.

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