Written by Emily Harstone April 18th, 2024

New Frontier: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

New Frontier is an established small publisher based in Australia. They are focused on publishing children’s books, including picture books, and chapter books. Their target audience appears to be readers under twelve. They were established in 2002 and are distributed by Lerner Publishing Group, which is very active in the children’s market. Their covers are excellent, and the few books of theirs that I have read to my kids were engaging and well made.

I first encountered them a few years ago and passed on reviewing them because at the time they highly encouraged submitters to buy a $60 sample pack of material. They even had a check box to indicate if you did so as part of their submission packet. While I didn’t think to take screenshots at the time, you can see that it was an issue of much discussion on Absolute Write.

I would not review them if they had not changed their policy, but they have. As of this summer they now say “Before you send anything, please look through our list and read some of our books. That way, you can come to understand the books we love.”

There is no check box to indicate that you have done so and most publishers similarly encourage readers to read a book they have published first. In any case, they’ve made it particularly easy to get a feel for what they have published by including a view inside the book option for many of their picture books. You can see one here. While that doesn’t show you the whole book, the view inside option is helpful for giving you a feel for what they actually publish. If you are serious about submitting to them and your library does not have their books and you cannot order them, spending some time with their catalogue and looking through the sample pages should help.

Also mentioned on the Absolute Write forum, and worth noting, is that they share an office in both the UK and Australia with a hybrid publisher, but there is no sign of re-direction between the two. Please reach out to us at support@authorspublish.com if anything changes.

Their full submission guidelines are here. If they have not responded to your submission in 4 months assume rejection. All submissions must be made through their electronic form, please follow their guidelines and only submit if you feel your book is a good fit for them.


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