Written by Emily Harstone December 14th, 2017

Nosy Crow: Now Accepting Submissions

Update April 14, 2022: They are close to submissions for the time being, although they try to have open submission periods for BIPOC writers at least once a year.

Nosy Crow is a UK-based publisher of children’s books and apps aimed at children. They accept international submissions from all over, but everyone outside of the UK must submit via email (which is their preferred method of submission). They have wide distribution within the UK. The books they published are aimed at children up to the age of 14, although the bulk of what they publish is for children under the age of 12. The young adult books that they do publish are not issue-based, and should not involve drugs, sex, or violence. Most of the apps they publish are aimed at kids between the ages of 2-7.

Nosy Crow has mostly excellent covers and strong branding.

If you submit to them, it is important to note that they do not acknowledge receipt of submission. They try (but often fail) to respond to all submissions within 6 months. If you have not heard from them in six months, you should assume that your book was rejected.

They are willing to consider previously self-published work, as long as you have a track record of success.

For picture books please include the entire text, for longer books just include a short synopsis plus the first chapter. Make sure you include a cover letter for all submissions.

To read their full submission guidelines, go here. To get a better feel for what they have previously published, go here.



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