Written by Emily Harstone

Other Guy Publishing: Now Seeking Book Manuscripts

UPDATE MAY 13TH, 2016: Their submission page remains the same but their email says they are closed to submissions for the foreseeable future.

Other Guy Publishing is a small e-publisher. They publish print editions of all of their full length books. They focus on selling books on Amazon. Their slogan is “publishing fresh perspectives and unique voices”.

Other Guy publishes non-fiction and fiction manuscripts as well as short stories. So far they have  published five full length books, one of which is a short story collection. The rest of what they have published are short stories and novellas, which are published under the imprint Cracked Eye. Cracked Eye has published almost 20 different short books.

The non-fiction side of Other Guy Publishing is interested the how-to and business books, but they are also interested in publishing history work. They are interested in a wide range of fiction including historical fiction and erotica.

Their website does not offer up much information about the company itself, however it is focused on selling books, which is a good sign.

Other Guy Publishing tries to respond to all submissions within a few weeks. They have thorough submission guidelines available on their website for writers submitting full manuscripts and those submitting short stories. The submission guidelines are available as downloadable PDFs. Please read them and follow their guidelines before submitting.

They prefer submissions from authors who already have some sort of online platform, be it on Facebook, Youtube, or elsewhere. If you do not have an online platform, they want to know that you are prepared to create one in order to promote your book.  They only accept electronic submissions.

To learn more visit their submission page here.



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