Written by Emily Harstone August 17th, 2023

Punk Monk Magazine: Now Accepting Submissions

Punk Monk Magazine is an online zine published by Punk Monk Press, which is based in Canada. They are a specialized publication focused primarily on publishing feminine writing with an edge. They are open to submissions from all genders, but this is their primary preoccupation.

It’s really easy to get a feel for what they are and aren’t interested because they list many of their favourite writers, including Maggie Nelson and Zadie Smith here. You can also access past issues for free here. Only submit if you feel like your work is a good fit.

All of what they publish is influenced by punk — this includes poetry, prose, features, art, and music.  They are one of the rare journals that prefer that you submit just one poem, although they will accept up to four poems at once. In terms of fiction they only publish micro and flash work, and are not interested in genre writing.

They are open to reprints and simultaneous submissions but ask that you only submit to one category at a time, waiting for rejection in one category to submit to another. All submissions must be made via email. They make it clear that you should not submit “fancy shit, scatology, hate speech. <- Including misogyny; misandry is equally uncool”.

If you really connect to the work that they publish, they do offer editorial feedback for a price if you support them via Patreon but it is entirely optional.

Their submission guidelines are extremely detailed. Please follow them carefully.

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