Written by Emily Harstone April 23rd, 2013

Review of Fiction365

Fiction365 is an online journal that publishes flash fiction and short stories. They publish one story for every day of the year. They also pay a small amount for every story they publish. Which is very unusual for an online journal.

The stories they publish vary in length from around 100 words up to 4000. They also publish stories in various genres, and they make it easy for readers to search for the genre they are interested in.

When they post each story they also add links to stories they have published in the past that are similar, so even if your story was published months ago, a link to your work might regularly show up on the main page again. They are also quite active in promoting the journal using social media.

Submitting is very simple, include the short story in the body of an email, along with a short biographical statement and three sentence synopsis of the story. Once you have submitted to them, they should respond within the month.

Besides short turn around, they accept around 30% of the stories that are submitted to them. This means that your odds of getting accepted are high, but not too high.

Rights revert to you once they publish the work, but they are allowed to keep it online, and anthologize it, if they eventually choose to.

The stories they choose tend to be clear and cohesive with an easy to follow plot. They appear to veer away from anything too convoluted or nonsensical.

They also have a neat feature where every Sunday they publish a new chapter of an unpublished novel. They call it serialization Sunday, although I believe that you have to send them a query letter before submitting a novel for consideration.

There website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Nothing about Fiction365 is too complicated or confusing, which is why it is an excellent place to submit your work. You can visit their website at http://www.fiction365.com/.



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