Written by Emily Harstone April 5th, 2013

Review of The Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a new online literary magazine. They focus on making writing easy to access on the web. They publish in various formats and have a Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube account. The journal is based in Idaho but they accept submissions from all over the world.

The work they choose to publish tends to be cleanly written and unpretentious. They want to publish work that contemporary journals concerned with current trends might not publish.

The Rusty Nail publishes prose and poetry. They have a high acceptance rate for work, over 50% of the work they receive, they publish. They also have a relatively quick response time, accepting or rejecting your work after a month (approximately).

The Rusty Nail also accepts reprints, so if you had a story or poem published elsewhere, they might want to publish it again, so that it can receive even more attention.

The Rusty Nail will consider all prose under 5,000 words in length. There is no minimum length requirement. Only submit 1 piece of prose writing at a time. If you are submitting poetry there is no length restrictions and you may submit up to 3 poems at a time.

They publish literary fiction but they also publish prose that could be categorized as mystery, suspense, and horror. They occasionally accept work from other genres, although they are not interested in prose that involves hardcore erotica or horror, prose that is self-promoting or overtly religious.

They consider most poems but are not interested in ones involving teenage angst, suicide, or overtly religious themes. They also generally avoid poems that rhyme.

Work is submitted to The Rusty Nail through the submissions manager submittable, so if you already have an account that will make that part even easier.

Because it is an online journal you will not get paid but your work will get a chance to be seen by many individuals. The web address is: www.rustynailmag.com.


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