Written by Emily Harstone August 15th, 2013

Review: [untitled]

[untitled] is a print  journal published yearly by Busybird Publishing, an Australian company that also publishes themed anthologies. [untitled] only publishes short stories. They are not interested in poetry and non fiction.

They publish around 20 short stories per issue, a few of the stories are selected from a short story competition (which has an entrance fee) but most are chosen from fee-free submissions to the magazine.

Their short stories cover all genres, but they tend to lean more towards the mainstream than the literary. They tend to pick stories that have a well structured, easy to follow narrative.

They do not have sample stories online which makes it more difficult to see what they are looking for without purchasing an issue. They also have a very low acceptance rate.

If your short story is chosen you will receive a free contributor copy. Depending on what grants they receive they may be able to pay their writers more.

[untitled] takes up to 4 months to respond to submissions. Although they often respond within a month.

When they accept work they almost always revise it, or offer suggestions for authorial revisions. This  is a fairly common practice when it comes to short stories.

Once they have published your work, the rights for subsequent publication revert to you.

Submitting is very easy. They use the popular submission manager Submittable. [untitled] does request that you remove your name from the submission.

You should include your name in your cover letter along with your contact details, 50 word bio, location, title of your piece, and the word count. They only consider short fiction under 8,000 words in length.

In conclusion Busy Bird is a selective Australian print journal that is focused on publishing the best emerging short story authors. In order to submit visit: http://www.busybird.com.au/?page_id=887


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