Written by Emily Harstone March 26th, 2015

The Contradictory Habits of Famous Writers

So many writers, so many odd habits.  Famous writers are always in the limelight regardless of their desire, and that is why their faithful readers and fans try to learn everything about their lives, personal problems, weird habits, etc. Moreover, these fans try to copy out the behavior of their idols.

What is their motivation to do so? Do they want to become famous writers themselves and think that following their gurus’ habits could help? Do they want people to know how cool they are if they copy out Stephen King’s wardrobe or Ernest Hemingway’s love to cats? Or do they just want to have fun?

I’ve decided to learn if there is any sense in copying out the habits of famous writers. Do their habits play any role in their success? Can their weirdest and most awkward habits be rationally explained? Maybe there is no point in copying them, or maybe these customs can really help us reach the same greatness and success?

So, this infographic is an attempt to unscramble many of the habits of famous writers.

headernight writersmorning writerscoffee or teafast or slowcats or dogssources


Bio:  This infographic was created by Mike Hanski. He is a bookworm and loves quality music. Learn more about Mike at (g+ / blog)





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