Written by Emily Harstone

The Wardrobe: Open to Submissions

The Wardrobe is an online journal based out of the UK. They publish writers of all nationalities. However, the work they publish focuses on a very specific subject: clothes. You can choose to interpret this theme in any number of ways, but to ignore it completely is to ensure rejection.

This is how the journals editor describes the significance of clothes in the About section of the website:

Clothes are often overlooked in life and literature and considered frivolous, but they shape character, draw out concepts and connect you to your culture and landscape. As signals for who we are, where we are and what we are, clothes are invaluably transformative and revealing.

They have published one previous issue in the fall of 2014 which is worth reading if you are considering submitting your work to them.

They publish poetry, narrative non-fiction, essays, short fiction, and flash fiction (under 1,000 words in length) all on the subject of clothes.

They have a simple website, that is just a WordPress blog. However because of the limited scope of the work they publish, they have managed to find and already publish some interesting work in their first issue.

Now journals with this type of focus are not for everyone, in terms of readers or writers, but a niche market can actually help a lot in terms of drawing in readers committed to a specific subject matter.

At the time of publishing this review the editor has stated that the journal is only going to be a six month project, although if it is successful that may not be the case. All submissions are to be made via email.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here.




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