Written by Emily Harstone February 2nd, 2017

Theme of Absence: Now Seeking Speculative Fiction

Theme of Absence publishes speculative flash fiction and the occasional longer piece. All styles are welcome, including humor, as long as the story includes elements of horror, science fiction, or fantasy.  Spine tingling ghost stories are just as welcome as robots and spaceships.

Theme of Absence is an online literary journal that is approachable. They publish approximately 1/4th of what is submitted to them.

Their maximum word count for flash fiction is 1000 and 3000 for short stories. They just pay a token amount offering $3.00 for stories under 1000 words and $5.00 for works under 3000 words in length. The amount is paid via paypal. If you waive the payment it counts as a donation towards Theme of Absence.

They are not interested in poetry or non-fiction or any fiction outside of the genre of speculative fiction. They do not publish reprints. Do not submit more than one story at once to them and do not submit simultaneously. They respond to most submissions within two weeks, so wait times are not long.

One of the neat things about Theme of Absence is that every contributor can do an author interview with the editor as a way to promote their other writing (self published or otherwise).

All submissions must be made via email. To learn more or to submit, visit their website here: http://www.themeofabsence.com/submission-guidelines/


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