Written by Ella Peary

tiny poetry: Now Accepting Submissions

A new online journal of “macropoetics,” tiny poetry publishes poems and images together in pocketsize image macros. The project began when creator Misty Ellingburg crafted T. S. Eliot poems into macros using an iPhone app and shared them via Facebook where thousands of people were inspired to create and share their own macropoems. From this public outpouring of poetry, an editorial staff conceived a journal and tiny poetry was born.

The first online issue of tiny poetry, which houses both full-length works and tiny macros, is a unique collaboration. The journal features poems and images by artists as young as sixteen, some of whom created their pieces on smartphones and web browsers, as well as work by award-winning poets, writers, and designers. As tiny poetry grows, they hope to offer poetry and art to the public in a truly accessible format by sharing their journal free of cost from coast to coast—in prisons, halfway houses, nursing homes, and with other marginalized populations.

tiny poetry will be published online four times a year—in February, May, August, and November. Submissions are rolling and they do not  list any specific deadlines on their website, so make sure they are open to submissions (they are at the time of this articles publication).

Poets may submit up to five poems and up to ten image macros. Visual artists may submit up to five paintings, photographs, or graphic designs. Submissions should be accompanied by a biography, up to 300 words, noting relevant publications, fellowships, degrees, and accolades.

tiny poetry accepts submissions via email, but not online or by post. They ask that writers submitting image macros ensure that images and poems are not under copyright. Wholly original image macros are preferred.

If you would like to learn more or submit to tiny poetry, please visit their website at http://www.macropoetics.com/submit/



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