Written by Emily Harstone July 6th, 2016

Tule Publishing: A Romance and Mystery Publisher

Updated April 7th, 2019

Tule Publishing started out as Romance Publisher with multiple imprints. Many of their books have sold well on Amazon. Most books they have published have at least 25 positive reviews. They have published bestselling and award winning authors. They publish a wide variety of romance including western, paranormal, and holiday.

They now have expanded into mystery. They have a new imprint that focuses on publishing mystery books (with and without romance elements). They publish everything from thrillers to cozy mysteries.

Their website focuses on selling books to readers. It is easy to navigate and up to date. They sell eBooks in bundles on their website and one of their goals appears to be to encourage readers to be loyal to them as a publishing house.

They also have a newsletter for readers that promotes new books it that they have published to readers. They actively encourage people to subscribe. There are sign up options all over their website.

Tule Publishing is very upfront about the fact that they pay others for professional editing, cover art, formatting, e-conversion, marketing support, and social media. They want their authors to have a social media following or a back list of previously published romance titles.

Tule Publishing predominantly focuses on ePublishing with a few select print titles. Their eBooks are formatted for the Kindle, but also for other eReaders including the Nook and Kobu.

They have a number of imprints with different goals and specifications, but submissions to all romance imprints have to have a central romance plot with a happily ever after, or (less preferable) a happy for now ending.  Submissions to all imprints must either be a novella (35k-45K words), a short novel (54k-60k words) or a long novel (60K-100k words).

They are very interested in stories with series potential.

To submit, familiarize yourself with their imprints (not all are currently open to submissions, but most are). Make sure you state the imprint your manuscript is for in an email. Include a bio with relevant links. Also submit a synopsis of your book and a first chapter. All submissions must be made via email.

To learn more visit their main page here. To learn more about submitting visit their guidelines page here.


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