Written by Emily Harstone October 8th, 2020

Vinspire Publishing: Open Call for Manuscript Queries

Vinspire Publishing was founded in 2004. They were originally called Vintage Romance Publishing, because they started only published historical romance. When they expanded their line in 2010 to include a wide range of genres including books for children, they renamed themselves. Although recently they seem to be re-focusing on romance again, just not historical romance.

They only publish books that match up with their family friendly policy. They do have decent distribution because I have seen their books in brick and mortar bookstores in the past.

But their email list sign up doesn’t seem like they have a lot of connections in terms of subscribers. It lists the fact that they have 78.

Their covers are hit and miss, but genre appropriate.

They are not open to general submissions at this time, and are only considering agented submissions for most options, but they do often have an open call for submissions. This means that they are accepting submissions that match the open call and nothing else.

At the time of writing this review their open call is for the following (But please double check the website here, to ensure it is still the case).

“We are seeking unagented submissions for romances with mature heroes and heroines. We are looking for characters over the age of 45, preferably older, as we want to celebrate second chances at love (or even firsts in later years!). These are first and foremost romances. Secondary genres such as suspense and inspirational will be considered. All submissions must adhere to family friendly policy

To submit, make sure your word count is between 35,000 and 95,000 and submit a detailed query to vrpsubmissions @ gmail.com (without spaces). Your query should include your publishing credits, information on your platform, and two-three paragraphs about the book as well as word count and genre. You are welcome to submit the first three chapters of your manuscript as well. “

If your manuscript does not line up with their open calls for submissions in any way, please do not submit. Manuscript publishers are more likely to close to unsolicited submissions if writers submit manuscripts that don’t fit their needs.

To learn more or to submit go here.

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