Written by Emily Harstone January 19th, 2017

WOLVES: Now Accepting Submissions

WOLVES is for you and me, the living and the dead. WOLVES is for suckers, WOLVES is for lovers. WOLVES is for the lazy.  WOLVES is about exploring, creating, touching. WOLVES wants to leave you weak in the knees with your heart swelling while you’re gasping for air and falling back on the bed to say “Hot damn!” WOLVES knows things must end, but they must start first. WOLVES understands that a picture is worth a thousand words, and WOLVES also understands that talk is cheap. WOLVES doesn’t care because, above all else, WOLVES loves words.

WOLVES is an online literary journal based out of Korea, edited by an American. They publish fiction and poetry on a bi-monthly basis. They are open to genre but they tend to accept more literary work.

They are open to simultaneous submissions. They pay 5 dollars per poem and between and 5 and 30 dollars for fiction. They are open to reprints, but I suspect they do not pay for them.

They try to respond to all submissions within a month.

All submissions must be made via email. No need to include a query letter. Just send a one to two sentence bio in the body of the email and attach your submission as a word document.

You can get a sense what they have published in the past by browsing through their past issues before submitting.

You can learn more about their submission guidelines here.


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