Written by Emily Harstone August 21st, 2014

Writing Prompt: Cell Phone Independent

Chris Carter, the creator of the X-files has talked about how the series would not have worked before the invention of cell phones. Many books and stories now rely on the ease of communication that cell phones bring.

Ann Patchett, the author of Bel Canto, has mentioned on several occasions that her latest novel was set in the Amazon because she wanted to tell a story that drew its tension from the lack of communications, a tension that could be resolved with cell phones.

Ann visited the Amazon before finishing the book. She was tramping through a remote region with a group on a tour when a man’s phone started to ring. It was a friend calling to schedule a round of golf. Ann decided that her readers didn’t need to know that. For the purpose of her story the Amazon could remain a remote, signal free jungle.

The challenge this week is to write a story that does not rely on technology,  but focuses on communication, and the tension that a lack of communication can bring.

Where you take the details of this prompt are up to you. Just make sure that none of your characters can use their cell phone.



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