Written by Emily Harstone May 29th, 2014

Writing Prompt: Mad Scientist

Mad Scientists are an established stereotype now and they appear in movies, in TV shows, and books. It is usually hard to take them seriously. Still, they manage to be an enticing theme and many people play with the audience’s expectations.

In the TV show Fringe, one of the main characters, Walter, was a mad scientist. He had invented and done many terrible things. However, he was one of the protagonists of the TV show, and one of its most beloved characters. He was so compelling because he managed to be both intelligent and helpless, and in turn he was both witty and witless because part of his brain was missing.

This is your turn to create a mad scientist. Your character can behave in any way you desire and you can craft all the details. The only thing that has to be true is that your main character must be a mad scientist. This prompt is mostly a character study, so the plot is not as important as the creation of the character, so really focus on creating a compelling mad scientist.

Happy Writing!


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