Written by Emily Harstone

Writing Prompt: Road Trip

I have not been on very many road trips. However I am a big fan of road trip movies. Although I must admit my favorites are all deeply unconventional. They include Wristcutters: A Love Story, Dead Man, and Paris Texas. To give you a better feel for what I mean, Dead Man is the tale of a man named William Blake who is considered the reincarnation of the writer William Blake by a native American. They both end up on the run after a series of strange misunderstandings.

My challenge for you this week is to write a road trip story. It can be conventional as it comes, you can throw four teenagers in a car heading for the border if you want to. Or you can go in the other direction entirely and follow a traveling circus search for a permanent home.

Of course these are just very loose suggestions. There are endless options, all the choices are up to you.

Happy Writing!





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