Written by Emily Harstone February 6th, 2014

Writing Prompt: The Happy Funeral

There are lots of words people use to describe funerals, although rarely do any of those words have positive connotations.

Your challenge today is to write about a funeral. But you can’t use any of the following words: Sad, dour, mad, upset, crying, sobbing, grieving, angry, dark, black, rain, or tombstone.

The tone of your story has to be happy. People don’t have to be laughing and throwing food at each other, but for some reason this funeral has not upset them. The reason is up to you. The narrator could barely know the deceased, perhaps no one at the funeral liked the deceased,  perhaps the deceased put it in their will that no one could cry at their funeral. There are many more reasons you could come up with.

Shows and movies like Waking Ned Devin and Dead Like Me have long played with the conventional sadness of funerals, so now it’s your turn to explore that area and put your own unique spin on it.


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