Written by Emily Harstone July 24th, 2023

31 Publishers that Accept Direct Submissions of Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is generally defined as a genre of fiction where the setting is not in the world as we know it because of supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements. Three genres are covered by this umbrella term: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. This term is used to cover work that doesn’t fit exactly in one of these three genres, but moves between them.

Many of these publishers are interested in speculative fiction in general. Some publish just one of the genres covered by the speculative fiction umbrella. Others publish many genres and types of books.

Some are small companies, others are imprints of major publishing houses. They are not listed in any particular order.

Not all of them may be currently open to submissions. It is important to note that all of them meet the standards outlined in our guiding principles.

All of the publishers are only briefly described on this page, however if you click on the link, you will reach their website, or our full review of them. The review includes submission information and links to their websites.

Flame Tree Press

Flame Tree Press is an imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Flame Tree Press focuses on publishing speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime fiction. They have good distribution in the US and the UK. I have seen their books at brick and mortar bookstores on numerous occasions. Learn more here.

Jo Fletcher Books

Jo Fletcher Books is an imprint of Quercus Publishing, the only imprint that accepts unsolicited submissions. Jo Fletcher Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror books for adults. They are not interested in children’s or young adult books, or in short story collections or novellas. Read our full review here.

Bold Strokes Books 

Bold Strokes Books publishes only LGBTQ books, which means that its books feature characters that are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, and queer. They publish general and genre fiction. They offer advances to their authors. Bold Strokes is interested in publishing books that fall under the LGBTQ umbrella including literary fiction, romance novels, young-adult novels, genre novels (including science fiction and mystery), and works of nonfiction. The only genre of books they do not appear to publish is poetry. Learn more here.

The Parliament House 

The Parliament House is a small eBook and print press started in 2016.  They specialize in fantasy, including paranormal, contemporary, and urban. Their website is well designed, and the covers are well designed and market appropriate. They seem active on social media and more focused on recruiting readers than writers.  Read our full review here.

Angry Robot

Angry Robot is a respected science fiction and fantasy publisher that occasionally dips into related genres (such as urban fantasy, steampunk, and horror). Angry Robot was originally funded by HarperCollins. They are now part of Watkins Media Ltd. They offer advances and good royalty rates. The contract they offer covers print, eBook, and audio book rights. They currently have one open reading period a year for general submissions. For unagented Black writers, they had ongoing submissions at the time of writing, see their blog post for details. You can read our full review here.

CamCat Books

CamCat Books is a small independent publisher that was founded in 2019.  They publish a wide variety of genres including science fiction and fantasy. Learn more here

AK Press 

AK Press is a worker-managed, independent publisher and book distributor that focuses on publishing and distributing radical left and anarchist literature. They were founded in Scotland in 1990, but are now largely based in Chico, California. Outside of nonfiction they also publish speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, horror, and mystery works of 25,000 to 55,000 words, under their Black Dawn Imprint, inspired by Octavia Butler. You can learn more about that imprint here.


Baen is an established publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels.  To learn more, read our full review here.

Aethon Books

Aethon Books is a print and eBook publisher that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. They are open to all sub-genres within these genres including hard sci-fi, epic fantasy, space opera, military SF, alt/history, and time travel. You can learn more here

Tartarus Press

Tartarus Press is a small British publisher that opened in the 1990s. They specialize in publishing literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction. They are best known for their limited edition hardbacks with distinctive cream covers. They also publish paperbacks and eBooks. The press has won a number of genre awards over the years. Read our full review here.

Quirk Books

This Philadelphia-based press publishes just 25 books a year in a whole range of genres, including children’s books, nonfiction, and science fiction. Unlike most publishers who tackle a large range of topics, Quirk Books has a clear marketing plan and to a certain degree their books have a cohesive feel, because they all are quirky. At the time of this update they are not open to submissions. Read our full review here.

Polis Books

Polis Books is an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction, founded in 2013. Their focus is on publishing new voices. They are a technologically driven company. They publish print and digital books. Read our full review here.

Tell-Tale Publishing

Tell-Tale Publishing is a small press founded in 2009. They seem to focus primarily on eBooks but also they have print options (largely print on demand). They publish six imprints which include Dahlia (romance, and various romance subgenres), Stargazer (fantasy, steampunk), Nightshade (horror), Casablanca (mystery), Thistle (middle school, YA, new adult), and Deja Vu (reprints for all genres). Read our full review here.

Brother Mockingbird

Brother Mockingbird Publishing is a small independent press committed to discovering writers from the American South, but they are also open to good fiction, regardless of where the author is based. Among many other genres they publish science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Read our full review here.

Blind Eye Books

Blind Eye Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance novels featuring LGBTQ protagonists. They are a print publisher and their book covers are beautifully designed and really stand out. The books they have published have won and been nominated for a number of awards, including the Lambda. Read our review here.

Severed Press

Established in 2008, Severed Press is a eBook and print on demand publisher focused on publishing horror and science fiction. They are established and respected within these genres, and the books they publish have excellent genre-appropriate covers. Learn more here.

Hydra Publications

Hydra Publications is based in Indiana, and should not be confused with Random House’s Hydra imprint, or Hydra House, a Pacific Northwest based publisher of speculative fiction. Hydra Publications started out publishing a wide variety of genres, but now publish mainly speculative fiction, with a few imprints outside of that. Learn more here.

Tiny Fox Press

Founded in 2015 as a collective of writers, Tiny Fox Press originally focused on publishing work by the editors. This is a form of self- publishing, but they have branched out since then, although they are still publishing some books by the editors. They primarily publish science fiction, fantasy, and YA. You can learn more here.

Artemesia Publishing

Artemesia Publishing was founded in 2004, and they describe themselves as a micro-publisher. Although based on the titles section of their website they publish work at the rate of one title per month, which is actually a lot more than many other small presses. They started out focused on nonfiction, particularly inspirational stories, but have since expanded into other genres, including children’s fiction, YA, and  genre fiction (mystery, sci-fi, etc). You can learn more here.

Cemetery Gates

Cemetery Gates Media was founded in 2015 by longtime friends John Brhel and Joe Sullivan and focuses on publishing fantasy and supernatural fiction. Cemetery Gates Media is based in Binghamton, New York. They have published a number of anthologies that seemed to do well, and they have paid all contributors. The anthologies reflect a wide range of work. At first they were solely focused on publishing their own work outside of anthologies, but that changed in late 2020 when they launched the Debut Horror Novel Series. They are currently open to submissions for this years series. Learn more here.

Sourcebooks Horror

Their Horror imprint is now a few years old and they have published a lot of books under that imprint now, although it’s hard to know exactly how many because they still do not have a formal Horror section on the site. Their book covers for this imprint are really well done. They have published many of Darcy Coates books, and they all appear to have sold well. The search function has been improved and searching the site for horror, can now bring up a lot of options that are actually in that genre. To learn more, go here.

Luna Press Publishing
They are closed to submissions for 2024 but you can learn more about them here.

Dancing Lemur Press

Dancing Lemur Press is a small US Press that has been actively publishing work since 2009. They are based in North Carolina and seem to regularly participate in local events. Science Fiction is one of the few genres they focus on. You can learn more here.

Castle Bridge Media

Castle Bridge Media is an independent publisher that focuses on genre fiction, particularly horror, science fiction, thriller, and fantasy. They accept direct submissions and also submissions from agents. They appear to list most of their agented deals on Publishers Marketplace, so if you’re interested in seeing what they’ve accepted recently, and have a Publishers Marketplace membership, I encourage you to visit their listing here. They are based in Denver, Colorado. You can learn more here.

Three Ravens Publishing

Three Ravens Publishing is a fiction publisher focused on genre work, particularly science fiction and fantasy, but are open to other genres as well.  They are active on social media, and attend various conventions, both good signs. They also appear to obtain part of their funding from Patreon, which is unusual, but hopefully indicates a strong supportive fan base. To learn more, go here.

Tiny Ghost Press

Tiny Ghost Press is a small press that focuses on publishing YA fiction that centers LGBTQIA+ characters.  This means that in their own words, they want “YOUNG ADULT novels, written from a QUEER perspective, That is stories featuring a queer protagonist or from a queer author. We’re interested in everything from contemporary romance, to dystopian adventures, and if your story dabbles in the spooky, the supernatural, or the paranormal, or has a speculative element even better!” To learn more go here.

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