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Writing Prompt: Family History

My mother told me many stories about her family, while I was growing up. Sometimes I will remind her of them now, and many she still remembers, but some she has forgotten. She also wrote a number of fictionalized versions of her days growing up, and now sometimes I will read over them, appreciating them…

Writing Prompt: A Poem and Push Ups

Many writers have a physically active lifestyle, and many of these writers believe that this physical activity aids them in their creative endeavors. I have written an article about this before, which you can read here. I recently started doing this unusual writing prompt myself and have found it to be a lot of fun….

Writing Prompt: We Stayed Up All Night

This writing prompt is pretty simple. You can take it in any direction you want. Your response could be a poem, non-fiction, flash fiction, or fiction. Just take the Phrase “We stayed up all night” and make it the first sentence of your piece. Now the nice thing about a phrase like this is that…

Writing Prompt: Anyone’s Ghost

The National wrote a song called Anyone’s Ghost. I write a lot based on music that I am listening to, but rarely do I do this in a formal way. However this song, in my opinion, is a great basis for a prompt, not in terms of the music but in terms of the lyrics….

Writing Prompt: Micro Fiction Challange

This week the prompt has to do with length, more than content. The prompt is to write a story using less than 300 words. A story of this length is considered to be a work of micro fiction. These pieces are usually longer than 100 words in length but they do not have to be….

Writing Prompt: Ghost Story

I love a good ghost story, not the kind that are told around campfires where the ghost is terrorizing a family, or is passing as a young woman in a dress for a night, but the stories that play around with what a ghost is. For example, the ghosts in Harry Potter served a lot…

Writing Prompt: For the Love of a Good Title

A good title can go a long way. It can intrigue the reader and it can even change one aspect of a story, so that the reader interprets it in a different way. Some of my favorite classic titles include A Widow for A Year, Love in the Time of Cholera, Pig Earth, A Wrinkle…

Writing Prompt: Words from Another

For this prompt I want you to grab a book off your shelf, it should be a book that is written by someone who has a writing style that is very different than your natural style. It can be a book you have read or one you have not. It could be a book of…

Writing Prompt: The Curse

A curse is a common trope, from Fairy Tales to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, curses have been used to throw a twist into the plot. Sometimes the reader knows the curse from the start, which is how most fairy tales work. Or sometimes they know the curse from the start but they don’t know the…

Really, Truly, Awful Writing.

Greetings, fellow writers. The idea for this prompt comes from an idea that I had as a college writing instructor, with the main idea being challenging the brain to think a bit differently about your approach to writing in general and in this creative exercise specifically. I used it the first time as a homework…

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